SIGINT’s Clustering automatically organizes your documents into similarity groups and provides a big-picture view of the contents of your data.


How it works?

Prior to any human input, SIGINT’s clustering technology identifies similar documents and groups them, allowing document review by topic, otherwise known as topic search or topic-based search. Each circle is a group or cluster of very similar documents. The system pulls these groups together prior to any input from the user and provides a high level overview of what the collection of data is about. The lines that connect the clusters show an estimate of the relative number of documents that are shared between clusters. The thicker the line, the more documents occur in both clusters. Cluster relevance can then be determined by examining one or a few of the documents in the cluster. 

Key benefits of Clustering include:

  • Instantly determines what the key terms are and how concepts are related
  • Reveals important subjects the document collection is about
  • Quickly identify groups of documents for further analysis or exclusion from additional analysis
  • Finds language usage and substitution
  • Works with numbers, codes, words, any language, and any combination of letters and numbers