Conceptual Word Pod

Conceptual Word Pod 


SIGINT’s Conceptual Word Pod utilizes our patented concept search to find words based on conceptual meaning rather than just keywords


How it works?

SIGINT’s Conceptual Word Pod produces words based on the concept or combination of concepts searched for. The larger the font size, the more dominant the term in the overall result set. This is a crucial component to any information investigation because it expands the search beyond the initial idea or set of ideas. The traditional approach has been to guess key words and see what comes back; however, keyword search has been shown to miss over 95% of content. By using SIGINT’s conceptual word pods, new ideas and avenues can be rapidly explored based upon one initial term or concept.

Key benefits of Conceptual Word Pods include:

  • Shows the most important words related to concept or concepts searched for
  • Brings hidden or somewhat coded words to light
  • Identifies relevant words even if you do not know the exact word to search for
  • Expands the search beyond your initial idea