Machine Learning – Automated Categorization

SIGINT’s Machine Learning Technology  


SIGINT’s patented Machine Learning technology significantly reduces the number of irrelevant documents within massive sets of structured and unstructured data


SIGINT’s machine technology, based on language modeling, is used to drastically reduce the amount of time spent searching for relevant documents.  


Without the use of any keywords or seed documents, this new machine learning technology allows you to focus on what’s important by removing the irrelevant documents and leaving the important ones. Once trained by a Subject Matter Expert, the system can review up to a million documents an hour with remarkably high levels of accuracy.


Key Benefits of SIGINT’s Adaptive Machine Learning Technology include:

  • Quickly and easily identify what information is important and relevant within big sets of data
  • High levels of Machine Learning accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Substantial reduction in the overall time, effort, and cost required to review large amounts of data
  • Works in any language
  • Real time metrics to monitor and track the machine learning process