Social Sonar

Social Sonar 


SIGINT’s Social Sonar quickly identifies those who share knowledge about a subject and when they did so


How it works?

SIGINT’s social sonar combines a timeline with social network analysis. The social sonar visually identifies who talked to whom and when about a specific topic. Each concentric circle represents a particular time with an inward progression towards the center. Every person has a unique position on the ring with the white dots representing the recipient and the orange dots representing the sender.

Key benefits of the Social Sonar include:

  • Maps out social media and text conversations over time
  • Search for people and concepts – not just key words
  • Shows temporal gaps – the largest circle is the earliest dates examined, the smallest is the most recent
  • Identifies who had knowledge of particular topics and when they knew it, and when they passed it on to someone else
  • Determines “social groups” – those who share knowledge about a subject