SIGINT’s Timelines display documents graphically by date and time and reveal file volume patterns over time


How it works?

SIGINT’s timelines take any document with a time stamp and displays them on a line with date and file views and file volume over a specific period.  The view can be set to Day, Month or Year and the height of the line shows the number of documents for that time period. Timeline can also show the entire collection of documents, if so desired, or only certain search subsets or people. It can be zoomed into, and therefore can be used to establish a precise time frame for an incident.  Once zoomed into, this revised time window can be set as the new search window.

Key benefits of Timelines include:

  • Reveals how documents relevant to your search criteria were distributed over time
  • Identifies any temporal gaps in the collection
  • Compares document dates with the dates of certain events
  • Allows selection of a specific time period for more detailed examination
  • Highlights unusual patterns or gaps in document creation
  • Allows the user to restrict the search to a specific period